The Muffinhead Show


Mikey D. Muffinhead
Comedy at its best – Magic at its worst

Your guests will remember your event as The Great Muffinhead produces magic as you have never seen. The Great Muffinhead was created from many years of entertainment experience and will provide your guests with many laughs as he bumbles his way through the world of magic.


Mike has been performing as a clown and magician for over 20 years. He started performing and touring Ohio with his three children as The Salvino Family Friendly Show. Mike also taught at The Ohio College of Clowning Arts, eventually producing the public graduation shows.



Choosing the right entertainment can make your party a total success or a total disaster. It is important to find an entertainer who has experience and knows what he or she is doing. We have talked to so many parents whose child's party was dampened because they hired an inexperienced performer. There are many $50 clowns or magicians out there who don't have the first clue on how to play with the kids and let them have a good time. Think about it: what would you rather drive a Yugo or a Lincoln?

Remember, most of the time you have to book a good entertainer at least two months in advance.