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"I know magic's not real... but it looked like real magic!"

-- 10 year old Jason

The Mike Salvino Magic Show

Magic that will impress and awe your guests. From comedy magic, to live animals, to close-up magic right in the palm of your hands, Mike will amaze your guests and make your party something to remember! Mike will even personalize your magic show for your child or guest of honor!

Many years have been spent developing this unique magic show using storytelling, comedy, puppets, and both original and classic illusions. Whether it’s company outings, libraries, or parties in your own home, the show can be tailored to fit the occasion. Part of the reason for the great successes at birthday parties is because the show can be personalized for your child.

Mike with rubber chicken

Close-Up Magic

Mike’s Close-Up Magic is performed one-on-one, right in your guest’s hands. This was developed from years of working restaurants, banquets, and even performing for other magicians! Close-Up Magic is great for company parties, grand openings, festivals, or any occasion where strolling entertainment is a must. This is something you have to see!

Hire a Professional Magician

The best of magic, without embarrassing your guests.

Why hire a professional instead of one of the many $50 magicians or clowns out there? Simply put - a professional knows how to play with the audience and let them have a good time, without embarrassing you or your guests. We have talked to so many parents whose child's party was dampened because they hired an inexperienced performer. It is important to find an entertainer who has experience and knows what he or she is doing.

Choosing the right entertainment can make your party a total success or a total disaster. Remember, most of the time you have to book a good entertainer at least two months in advance.

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